Waller Family Genealogy and where it all Started with the ‘De Valer’s’

The Waller family in the UK and subsequently around the world can ALL apparently link themselves to the ‘De Valer’s’  from France back in the Norman Times. I started researching this family as it is my husband’s and I wanted it all on my family tree.  Those of you whom are familiar with my other blog ‘St.John Family Genealogy’ will see that this is another part that I am researching.
When I started this it was all just for a family tree and as with the St.Johns it has lead me now into genealogy as I am beyond the 1800’s and now into Norman Times.
How one asks can you go back that far?  Well it all started with Ancestry.co.uk and with that you get hints – and from the hints I learned that there is more to this family than originally meets the eye! Interesting thought! So I followed my instincts and searched on the internet to find out more and there is is a lot more..  and that is just on the internet!!  I have yet too go to the library and too follow all this up and when I do no doubt I am going to find out more and more.
So where does it all start?  Well,  it actually starts for us in Havant, Hampshire UK.  In the research stage of the family line it lead me to Sussex and Kent and way beyond this country of ours.  The Waller’s reach USA, Europe where some say they actually originate from – to the the furthest part,  Australia.  The ‘Waller’s are a HUGE family – all inter connected somewhere.  There is peerage, Royality and much much more to search out and discover.
At school history was NOT my forte and I can tell you this now I was absolutely board stiff with it – books and more books and not understanding a lot of it –  way over my head.  I look back now and I understand why I didnt like it!  It was text book written..  follow this and do that !  The teacher we had was very boring with his delivery and subsequently I got bored.  As I got older I realised that to know something is too read it or to watch a film on the tv.  There are lots of great films out there that some may think have no bearing on family research but to be honest they do.  Alexandra the Great – King Henry VIII and his wives, El Cid, Spartacus, Blood King, William the Conqueror and so on and so forth.  Then now a days and for the last ehhhum years I have watched Time Team – their exploits their delving into history and finding facts and showing the interesting things you can find out.  Suddenly my historical interest was seeing things in a very different way – The paperwork, certificates, the Illuminations, the bible, Old masters paintings, the Sistine Chapel.  Then there is visits to castles and museums, palaces, old great houses and parks. History is too be valued and now I understand why!  Without it we would not be whom we are today or would we?
This where I start from –  Questions to be answered –  and why are we like we are today?  Is it their fault we are an ordinary everyday working class family?  What made these changes? Why did families lose peerages and mansions and castles? How did some Waller’s end up farming and then today some being everyday people doing a worth while job and not having any clue where they come from?
The Waller family UK is where I start from and with thanks to all those people whom have taken the time to put up information on the internet and sharing with all of us I can now research this very interesting, historical family.