Wallers of Cuckfield and Hampshire UK


County of Sussex UK

West Sussex and East Sussex


Hampshire is just to the left Of Sussex on the South Coast of UK

My Husband’s ‘Waller’ family are from the South Coast of the UK –  mainly originating from West Sussex and beyond up through Kent.  Now, the ‘Waller’ family are a very large worldwide family indeed.  It is said that ALL the ‘Waller’s’  around the world can make claim to Alured De Valur in C1010.  This is huge to say the least.  In saying this I must suggest to you that you MUST research this for yourself.  Make sure you double-check lines consistently – if you do not you will lose the line and cross into others.  I have checked the Cuckfeild Parish records – that are available – checked baptisms and births and marriages and deaths. Not all of them are available and some are destroyed now – Somewhere someone will have something you can look at –  I use Ancestry.co.uk and I check for wills, or apprenticeships where available. I also use the internet – this is my means of reading – but you must try as I must to get to the records office where possible to ascertain your findings are correct.

You will find that the family is linked to Ireland as well – These are through marriage – when a son used his mother’s surname and became known as ‘Wathen -Waller’.  There a lot of readings to be found online –  and I would seriously suggest you do so if you are serious about getting it right.

I, like others got carried away because of the date line attainable – and I tell you now if you do this – be very sure you are right! it is so easy to be carried away by someone elses tree info – and it really needs to be checked as you go .  we have some very interesting people to come across and it opens a new avenue into geneaology.

More to follow soon!


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