Olde Stoke Charity, Winchester, UK


This line of Waller’s is a very interesting link to the ‘main line!’  I found them totally by mistake – on researching the Waller family tree.  This family is so big and all over the place as I have mentioned before!  What tickles me is that my husband was born in Havant in Hampshire and for generations the family has lived and worked within this part of England!  They never knew of the Winchester Link!  We also were terribly shocked to know that this part of the family line were just up the road and to top that off his son lives in Winchester!  We were just around the corner so to speak and have never seen this part of the family line or even visited the place!  Then also I find out that this line of ‘Waller’s’ owned land right up to Rowlands Castle, including Wecock farm, Clanfield, Denmead as well as Catherington up to as far and beyond as Petersfield!

They were great land owners of the time as we know – This part of the Waller’s descend from Sherrif Richard Waller 1395 and his father John Waller 1363 and Margaret Lansdall, ( the other brother married the sister, Alison Lansdall – Thomas Waller 1367 and this is the Suffolk Line!)

Sherrif Richard Waller 1395, Heir of John Waller 1363,  married Margaret Gulby 1402 and they had several children – they had three sons and one daughter.

Richard waller 1430, the 1st son married Alice Brudenell Died 1481, they had three children John, William and Alice.   John Waller 1460 married Joan De Hampton 1460 and she was heir to the Olde Stoke Charity estates.  She died before John and consequently the lands went to him! So, he became Lord of Olde Stoke Charity! and the line descends from him!

John Waller, Will!


Basically, this line is now obselete and long long gone, however, much remains in the way of historical reference, even down to how the lands were lost, or past over!  We know that a grand son was left the titled lands and as he was so young and in-experienced he frittered it all away! Having to pay off his debts and dying – the lands went on to others!

In May this year 2017 we are going to visit this place and see for ourselves, the tomb of Waller and Hampton which is in the St Mary’s Church, Olde Stoke Charity and looks very splendid indeed.  The ‘Hampton’ manor house is long gone having been demolished in C1705.  Only the church now stands and is of Norman Build!

Here is a picture of the Waller Tomb part thereof – showing the arms of Waller, Lansdall and Hampton.  Through out this church there are many more descriptions of the surrounding family and some other Waller arms!

St Mary’s Church, Old Stoke Charity, Winchester

‘The Waller and Hampton Tomb’


 Left – Waller- Lansdall Quarted –  Center-  Waller- Lansdall, impaled Hampton – Last Hampton.

For one, what is astonishing me is that ‘Lansdall’ was John’s, Great Grandfathers’ John Waller 1363,  wife, Margaret Lansdell 1375 – Now you ask what is astonishing about this?  Well I question why his great grand son is using these arms/shield?  Below i attach the visitation booklet for this family and the arms –  see the link to old stoke? and also the Waller’s ascendents! Which leads me into the Brudenell’s – This family is very sparse on our tree for information – I am waiting to hear from the Brudnell family about any information I can get on this Alice Brudenell!




Until  we visit here and have a good look about and buy ourselves the church booklet – this will have to remain a very interesting question!

There is also another Waller sheild here depicting a Boar on the top!   What is this about? We will have to wait and see in May 2017.

I have noticed from Gleaned information that the Waller Sheild we all have – with out the estcrucheon added to it just, the shield –


that there are many variations of it!  SO please whilst researching this family make sure you are going down the correct line!

The waller shield with the Green leaves is IRELAND and the irish link,



These arms or shield are for the WARREN WALLER’s –  Nobody really knows yet how this line became Warren-Waller.  A lot of assumption leads to religion and maybe this caused this line to use Waller!  This is a totally different line from our Waller’s and much research is going on for it. The  Waller, Tipperary Line.


This is the GERMAN waller sheild


The United States of American Waller Line


This is just ‘some’ of what I have come across during my research of the Waller Line!

SO be careful which one you look for.  We are ‘WALLER’  0abb0bde-2375-42b9-a63e-84cd84aa21e4


Addition -:   I put these up here because many many trees I have come across are confusing and mixing up lines of Waller’s – I was guilty of it myself in the beginning.  This family is so big that these things can happen – My family tree uptil this point is as close as I can get it researching the way I have –  The Waller’s owned such lands and areas, sons of these ascendants moved to different areas due to marriage or inheriting land or the jobs they held.  We have such a job sorting this all out – to this date on ancestry I have 32 trees running – of the different lines of Waller’s – as they are being sorted out and then adding to my main tree after verification.  It has been a lot of hard work and many hours of reading and looking to get this far – and I hope my blog will be interesting to those who are researching this line.  The main mix up is the Bassingbourne Warren Wallers – i have said it before that as the years came down the warren wallers dropped the warren and became known as just waller – by the time they reached London!  On top of this, there were Waller’s themselves in London and the surrounding area, and then we have the Greenwich Waller’s as well!  This moves into Suffolk – which I undestand Suffolk is the line also descending from our Waller’s of Nottingham!   The Greenwich Waller’s is another Kettle of fish altogether, and we have one of these marrying our Kent waller – and whom was the armourer for Henry VIII.   So you can see just by these few words how the family is being mixed up altogether and people thinking they have the correct lines.  TOO many Waller’s out there for sure!

The sad thing about this Old Stoke Charity line – is that when you look at the history and the family as a unit – you see in those turbulent times that cousin against cousin put a lot of strain upon our Family.  William Waller the Parlimentarian was  a big part of this and there are so many sad stories of which I shall blog about as I go.  Again through History alot was to do with religion and Royality – we had such hard fighting people in our family and they died heroes for their cause! Very interesting to piece it altogther!

After our visit in May this year I shall update this section of the blog with what I have found out about te Olde Stoke Charity Line..  so please watch this space!


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