Lamberhurst, Groombridge, Battle, Kent UK – Waller Starting line From Nottingham

Lamberhurst – The starting ground.


From this map we get an idea of how the family links up.  Lamberhurst and Groombridge were the very start of the Southern Waller’s.

Lamberhurst was owned by Thomas Waller, whom married Catherine Clifford, and he also owned Groombridge.  Battle, on the south coast was where Battle Abbey is – and from way up the line we have a Monk William Waller,  abt C1416,  Thomas’s Great Grandson.  From here comes the Suffolk line, through Thomas’s Son’s,  son,  John Waller whom married Maud Darell.

Thomas’s son married Christina Chalfunt, they had two sons:-  Both whom married Sister’s.

John married Margaret Lansdall and had Sherrif Richard Waller ect and came down the Groombridge and Lamberhurst way – and  Thomas married Alison Lansdall and also had a thomas and John.  John married Maude Darell and stayed in the Suffolk area, hence the Suffolk line – Thomas married Katherine Champaigne ( we beleive) and they stayed in the Hastings, Battle area. In Katherine’s Will she had three sons and a daughter.  Her daughter Catherine was married to a Richard Mawefield (Moorfield) when her mother died and then went onto marry a Thomas Pope.   William was a monk, Ralph and John waller, whom I am stuck on.  I have come across a John waller  abt ( assumed) 1350 whom married a Deonsie Herbert-Finch, in Hastings area. Could this be the John that married Deonise Herbert Finch?  I know dates are all over the place and not very correct!  Studying more it possibly could be! The future will tell!

Katherine Waller’s Will 

will of katherine waller lamberhurst


Map showing my research areas and my links.

.Waller routes

The Red line shows my husband’s family and from how they came down to Havant.  They were at Elsted, Rogate, Iping, Midhurst upto Horsham.

The Blue Line shows the Olde stoke Charity Link –  We know that Richard Waller’s son married into the Hamptons and consequently became Lord of Olde Stoke…

I have linked it to Winchester, Southampton, Fareham, Gosport, Portsmouth, Petersfield, Godalming and upwards.  Interestingly, the red line and blue lines cross…  IF,  I joined the Orange Line from Lamberhurst to Olde Stoke – the lines also would cross.. Because, Sir Richard’s son married into the Hampton family – and he lived in Groombridge for a while.  The Waller’s were also Land owners and had lands from Olde Stoke, right across to Waterlooville, Catherington and Horndean area…   He was also Sherrif and did much work across the South..

The Orange Line shows the Groombridge, Lamberhurst, then the links to Tenterden, Bethersden, Rye, Battle and Winchelsea. To those that dont know Winchelsea, in that era was a huge sink port – a very busy port for ships goods ect.

From what I show here,  we can see there are many links to be found. This also proves that the family in the south do come together at some point – how and where is yet to be determined.  As families grew and moved to other areas for work this is what happened. Also as we all know the main Waller Branch lost many Homes and lands in due course over time – debts, over spending and heirs selling it off!

In later blogs I shall break all these down – but i wanted to show the research links thus far on the map – and too be honest this is helping me, far more than I realised!

My Waller Research from Thomas Waller and Catherine Clifford

my waller research


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