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We have been told a lot about the Waller family and the noble sides and from whence they came, well from whence they may have come from!  What we do know is that Thomas Waller was leased Lamberhurst in Kent.  He was the 1st to move and settle down in the south in Kent..  He married we believe an Ann Keat, but this has not been verified as of yet, and many people have an ‘unknown’ wife for him.  This was in about C1300.

Lamberhurst was a beautiful place to live, it was in a country side estate. and much is written about it in many books, so is the family tree from here. We must also understand in those days that land owning was a huge thing for noble seats of family.  It showed your status and wealth and how hard you worked for royalty, even though we know that knights knew if they lived they would be paid handsomely! So the Waller family grew into land and wealth.  Groombridge was apart of all this, but i am treating it separately for a reason to be shown later.    However, I decided for once, to look at the other family members who had to work for a living and what I have found is so interesting!

We know of the Knights and the Nobles  and the Sir’s and the Ladies, but what of  the ordinary Waller family life?  Those like many of us who had to work hard for a living, with know help from anyone but yourself?


Returning to Thomas Waller of C1272, born in Northamptonshire, Newark – he was the brother of three others – Richard, David and John. Not much is known about these brothers yet, but we have been told that David De Walloore may be our David and he was a master of the rolls for many years.  Richard and John there is nothing at all – but I would suggest one-day something may come up in the master rolls or some old historical manuscripts that have not been found yet or possibly transcribed. As we know much history is about the nobles or lead heir not the other members of a family. We can assume either they died young, or went back abroad or they were monks.  This is a huge possibility of the times, but for now we only have Thomas to work with.

Sir Thomas Waller C1272, Northamptonshire, obviously knighted at some point to become a Sir,  he had settled and married Anne Keat and had a young son whom he also called Thomas Waller born C1300 at Lamberhurst. He married heiress Catherine De Clifford.   On his father’s death he inherited Groombridge as well as Lamberhurst and so the status started to build. Unfortunately to this date only one child has been found – I am still searching this point.  Thomas and Catherine had a son and also called him Thomas Waller C1330 Groombridge Kent, and he married heiress Christina Chalfunt.  These two had two boys ( as this is all that has been found thus far – I assume there were others)

John Waller C1363 Groombridge kent and Thomas Waller C1367 Goombridge Kent.  Originally I could only find one child John, but over researching Thomas cropped up and so we have two boys.    This is where the family divide!

John married Margaret Lansdall  and Thomas married Alison Lansdall.

John and Margaret stayed in Groombridge as he was the Heir and Thomas’s and Alison’s family settled in Suffolk!  Suffolk in those days was also known as Kent county…  So we have the 1st split of the Waller Clan.

I am staying with the younger son Thomas C1367 and Alison, because there is an interesting thing going on here.  They had 1st, John Waller born C1387 at Groombridge, but he was the one whom settled in Suffolk with his young wife Maude Darell and so the Suffolk line began.  The Suffolk line I shall return to at a later date – there are again many noble names to be found in this line.

2nd son Thomas Waller C1388 Groombridge stayed around and he married a Katherine, but we don’t know her surname as of yet.. her name is actually spelt Katheryn –  They had three sons –    John, william and Ralph!   William was the youngest and he was a monk and  of the Battle Abbey!     The boy’s father was born of Groombridge but we know he died at Lamberhurst and he had it in his possession, as Katherine’s will tells us this, she passed it over to the eldest son John.  A summary of it can be read here:-

“A summary of Katherine’s will is on the Kent archaeology website, in the section of abstracts of Lambeth wills []:
Katherine Wallere, relict of Thomas Wallere de Lamberhurst, 10 March 1423. To be buried in the church of Lamberhurst. To the high altar 13s. 4d. To the clerk there 20d. To the work (opus) of the said church 20s. To the Abbot of Begham 20s. and to the Convent there 20s. To William Wallere my son, monk of Batayle 20s. To Ralph my son 10 marcs. To Katherine Mawfeld my daughter 10 marcs. Residue to John Wallere my son, executor. The Probate Act is missing. The Will before was proved 7 August 1424. (374b Chichele I)

Katherine’s son William Waller became the abbot of Battle Abbey in 1435 and died in 1437.

Parts of this will are also included in Walter H. Godfrey, ed., Transcripts of Sussex Wills as far as they relate to Ecclesiological and Parochial Subjects, up to the year 1560, transcribed and classified by R. Garraway Rice, Vol. I-IV. [Lewes: Sussex Record Society, Vol. XLI-XLIII, XLV, 1935, 1936-37, 1938, 1940-41]:
“Katerina Wallere of Lamberhurst, relicta Thome Wallere de Lamberhurst, 1423-4, March 10. No P.A. Lambeth Arch. Reg. Chichele, Fo. 374b.” [Vol. III, p. 73] “lego summo altari eiusdem [Lamberhurst] xiiij s iiij d.” [Vol. III, p. 74] “lego ad opus predicte ecc’ie [Lamberhurst] xx s.” [Vol. III, p. 75] “lego Willmo Wallere filio meo monacho de Batayle xx s.” [Battle Abbey ] [Vol. I, p. 99] Frant, Bayham Abbey “lego Abbati de Begehm. xx s. Item lego conventui ibidem xx s.” [Vol. II, 201] Lamberhurst “Clerico ibidem xx d.” [Vol. IV, p. 433]”

From this will we also learn that the pair had a daughter Catherine – and she was a Mawfeild or moorfeild, so had obviously married.     So what of Ralph and John?  We know William was a monk in the Battle Abbey, the daughter married.  But what of the other two boys and what happened to them?  All I can say at this point is, more researching is required.

So returning to Thomas and Alison, both their children started new family origins, of what I have yet to find out.  But from this line I kept asking myself there has to be more?  There is much family in Suffolk and it has to be said heirs get the best!  So I am now wondering what about this Ralph and John of Lamberhurst?

These boys must be somewhere, Ralph and john were alive when there mother died in C1424 – their brother william was a monk in the Battle Abbey so what of these two – hopefully in time we can tell.

I can tell you that both boys were alive in  abt 1430 and 1450 and there is a name for Catherine’s spouse, their sister,  I believe to be Richard Maufeld.   I have also found that she  was in a visitation roll and she married Richard Mawefield and then a John Pope.  I also found this interesting as in the Feet of Fines – I find Richard mawefield, John Waller and Thomas waller mentioned. I found them all in two feet of fines from the British History Online –  the 1st being:-

feet of fines

abt 1430Lamberhurst, Kent, England

2988. John Waller and Maud his wife v. John Seynt John and Alice his wife; a garden, 28 acres of land, 18 acres of wood in Lamberherst; to John and Maud, paying to John Seynt John and Alice during their life 13s. 4d. yearly. (File 87. No. 9.)


feet of fines

abt 1450Lamberhurst, Kent, England

2962. John Darell, John Waller, Richard Mawefeld, William Bertyn, Richard Cliderhowe of Romney, Walter Culpepir, William Bernes, John Judde and Ralph Waller v. Nicholas Carreu and Mercia his wife; three quarters of manor of Redmeregge in Kent, and the fourth part of the manor of Redmeregge in the county of Sussex.


Nicholas and Mercy have acknowledged the 3 parts and fourth part to be the right of Ralph, as those which Ralph, John, John, Richard, William, Richard, Walter, William and John have of their gift, and have remised and quitclaimed them from themselves and the heirs of Nicholas to John, John, Richard, William, Richard, Walter, William, John and Ralph and the heirs of Ralph for ever.

Warranty  by Nicholas and Mercy for themselves and the heirs of Mercy

FOR THIS:- John, John, Richard, William, Richard, Walter, William, John and Ralph have given them 200 marks of silver.

If you notice the names, Ralph and John – to name the brothers – But we have the Culpepper, and Mawefeld.   We know the Waller’s were linked to Culpepper and we know that Ralph and Johns Sister married a Mawefeld/Moorefeild – could this be family working together to solve problems?  I would like to say yes!

A link to the list of Feet of Fines I have found in Waller

Feet of fines Waller

This is the actual Feet of Fine itself all in the lovely LATIN!


This line is where I am at a halt.  The other son John Waller C1387 married Maude Darrell.  Now this line is turning out to be a very interesting read.  The Darrell’s’ they are also in quite a few feet of fines I have found. This descent is for the Suffolk line and leads to the Sherman’s and again another interesting family. Although this is my limit for this line at this time.

So, the Waller’s of this time period married rather well or tried too. In these days as we have been and found out – marriage was made for lands and power.  This is how the Waller’s built their line, Lands and power.  They may have been Esquire’s ( Landowners) but didn’t they do well in marriage and gain?

I have also found out that the ‘Waller’s’ of this era were actually classed as ‘Esquires!’ which in those days were landowners – and the Waller’s had a lot of land in many places! You had to be quite money loaded to have lands in those times.  The Waller’s by here within the family links had a lot of land and houses in Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, and Somerset. They had land in Winchester, Buckinghamshire and London, well business in London. They also had land Up North, Nottinghamshire, Norfolk to name a few. Marriage to a wealthy lady, or an arranged marriage in those times was common place and the majority of time it was really to do with what the lady had, the man wanted and kept for himself, most of the time. I believe a dowry was the word!   Although some women in those times were powerful in their own right as we have heard in history!  Over time we will see how some of these ladies came from very powerful families indeed, was this so the Waller’s could join in with these things?  Or was it the ownership and running of land that had power. Or was it to near a King and be held high? Or was it just the time, when you had to be careful with whom you worked and what you did?

This means to me – that we dont really have one KNIGHT in this era, unless I find other wise.  John Waller C1440 son of Richard and Sylvia Gulby.  He was given part of Clevedon Somerset in 1485 for his part in the battle of Bosworth, by the House of Lancaster/Tudor – Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond, later Henry VII.  Which in a later post I shall share the marriage links to this Royal line! For sure there are many and the history is a variety!

Returning to the other brother, John Waller C1363, the heir,  whom married Margaret Lansdall – well this leads down the road to the other divide –  They had two children that we know of:- Richard Waller C1395 whom married heiress Sylvia Gulby. and a possible William yet to be clarified.   Richard and Sylvia had several children –  and from these children we have another break away this time to Winchester and beyond.

waller brothers marrying Lansdall sisters

This brings me nicely into the next blog – The waller’s of Horsham.