Sarah-Jane Waller

Researching ‘Waller’ and the ‘ De Valer’s’ and where they originated from. What they did and why some of us are now ordinary everyday working class parts of this family. What did they do to lose Money, peerages, mansions, and castles?  Waller who?

Researching St.John Family in the UK, where it started from. Questions asked:- Where do the St.Johns come from? Was It Normandy? Is the St.john name originally ‘Senssion’ from Normandy? Does the Uk St.John family link with the USA family? Are all St.Johns from one family line descent? Is there a peerage line? ‘St.John’ has a lot of variants what are they and where do they come from?

Family Genealogist, Personal.  I am also an artist, craft, embroiderer and crocheter.  I earned my BA Degree in Illustraion in 2003 and in 2004  my MA in Digital Media.  I enjoy researching a project and when I get a lead I can not leave it alone. I like to share my findings and I have found this site through a lady who is writing about the St.John family.

Now my son is all grown up and a family of his own I can result to things I have wanted to do for many years. Researching is something I so enjoy. I love to find out about facts and put things together and solve a problem.  I hope my research can help others as many other peoples research has helped me.


6 comments on “Sarah-Jane Waller

  1. Stephen Slater says:

    Sarah-Jane, do please send me an email- you have helped me greatly re heraldry of the Waller family, I have recently obtained a splendid bookplate of Sir Alfred Tichborne, 11th Baronet which includes quarterings for Waller, Hampton, Brudenell etc, think you might be interested- you helped me today identify them

    Steve Slater (Fellow of the Heraldry Soc of England), Shrewton, Wilts

  2. Colin says:

    Are you located in VA?

    • Colin says:

      I am a Waller.

      Starting from England.
      John Waller (ca. 1645-1723) from Newport Pangell. Apparently came to colony after his son and died in VA.
      His son, John (1673-1754) was the first of our line to immigrate to VA in 1696, and later built Enfield. He later moved to Spotsylvania and helped to organize the county and was one of the first trustees of Frederickburg.
      His son, John (1701-1776) lived and died at Cedar Point in Spotty Co., not far from Partlow and near the northern edge of lake Anna.
      His son, Thomas Carr Waller (1732-1787) lived at Cedar Point and served in the American Revolution.
      His son, Dabney Waller (1772-1849) of CP married Elizabeth Minor.
      His son, Capt. Dabney Washington Waller (1804-1880) was in the Va militia (Caroline co.) I have his commission, dated 1842. Purchased Walnut Hill from Wright in 1841.
      His son, Dabney Jordan Waller (1841-1925) Served under JEB Stuart in the 9th VA cavalry, and witnessed Pickett’s charge at Gettysburg while sitting on his horsr in the rear of the coterie of officers surrounding Gen. Lee (according to personal account to Priscilla Barkley Godfrey.)
      Raymond Minor Waller Sr. (1892-1955)
      RMW Jr. (1922-2014)
      Richard Waller (1952 – )
      Colin Waller (1985 – )
      Max Waller (2016 –

      feel free to contact me.

      • HI Colin thank you for your comments.. I see you are speaking to Thomas… I hope this blog can help out and I hope to add more to my USA link when I get the chance. As I said to Thomas there is an awful lot of research being done. I like to back up my work with research and many more interesting posts to come!

        Regards SJ

    • HI Colin no I am not – I am in the UK – we are originally from Portsmouth Hampshire UK. Now we live in Northern Ireland.

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